MD Curriculum

The MD program at the College of Medicine at Rockford provides intensive academic and comprehensive clinical training for students during their second, third and fourth years of medical school. Currently, students spend their M1 year at the Urbana-Champaign campus to take their basic science and laboratory courses, then transfer to Rockford for their remaining three years of medical training. Beginning in 2017, students will complete all four years in Rockford.

Throughout the duration of the MD program, students receive instruction from our highly acclaimed faculty through a balance of classroom discussions, lectures, laboratory work and hands-on clinical experience.


The College of Medicine at Rockford also offers a residency program in family medicine that has become known for its training for both ambulatory and hospital care, with a particular emphasis in obstetrics.

Standardized Patient Program

The Standardized Patient (SP) program at the College of Medicine utilizes individuals specially trained by health professionals to simulate patients in a variety of scenarios encountered in medical practice. SPs are instructed in how to assess student performance, which helps to ensure that students have the opportunity to learn and be evaluated in a standardized way. They can provide valuable feedback about students’ communication, physical exam and medical decision-making skills to both students and faculty. SP activities are built into the M2 and M4 curriculum.